Souls Collide

      A single moment captured

Will you remember it after all this time?

Do you hold the memories dear?

Of the awakening of our inner worlds

Moments of laughter, joy and intensity

You always new just how to challenge me

But now memories are all that’s left to see

Did I impact you as you did me

Two souls  temporarily cast together in stormy seas

That brief moment our souls collided

Will remain with me always– cherished

For you opened me up to a world unknown



I whispered to the moon

All of the secrets and dreams of my heart

For Her to hold dear and close

I whispered to the wind

All that I see and all of my possibilities

For Him to carry far and wide

Vulnerable, I waited

Trembling in both fear and glee

For the possibilities to become reality

Leaning into the Discomfort

What if you were to lean into your discomfort?

We all have coping mechanisms that we use to mask our discomfort or push it down but what would happen if just for today you allowed your self to slightly lean towards the discomfort? What if you acknowledged it, leaned in a little and allowed it to be with you? Just allowed it to stay there with you simply holding the space for it to be in?

Discomfort often comes up when we are about to change, grow or head into a different and new direction.  What is about the new that grips us in a fear based cycle?  New ventures, idea’s and opportunities mean unknowns. Our minds cannot predict what will happen next and so they scramble back from the edge and instill a sense of discomfort that fills your mind. In that discomfort, it points out all the things that used to make you feel safe to distract you.

Discomfort and distraction are just symptoms of that deeper root, fear. Fear places us into a flight or fight state in the body and nervous system, this state masks the innate sense of oneness and ability to create your own reality.  When you can lean into your discomfort and allow yourself to just BE with it, over time it transforms and what you thought was fear….was really just the doorstep of awakening. When you allow and accept that state, it shifts from fear in the mind to an expansive space inside your heart…and this shifts your body to a space of rest and relax so that you can connect to your heart on a deeper level. Connecting with the heart is the gateway to accessing the Infinite Wisdom, Creativity and Abundance of the Universe.

So today, I ask you to lean into your discomfort just a little bit and see where it can take you.


Opening the Door

Solid and heavy the keys rest in hand

Standing before closed doors

Waiting to open


Is there a single path that needs choosing?

Is only one the right unknown?

Does indecision weighs heavily?


Let your heart guide you– there is no wrong or right

This life is a journey for you to enjoy

What is meant will be– you just need to take the first step.


Personal Rituals

Evolution of the spirit occurs cyclically. We are always within a cycle that brings us back to the same points repeatedly but from a deeper angle than before. As you find yourself in the middle of a shift, you also find things from the past continue to come up. Things that you had thought were done or dealt with show up in a new way, testing this new expansion of self- tempting you into old habits. It is why creating routine and ritual for yourself is so important, when you develop a routine or ritual to incorporate into your day you create space to become the space that is the tool or strategy that can overcome the old habits.

The old habits, thoughts, emotional trip-ups are all part of your journey and it is okay that you had them at that time….because that is what brought you to today- to this moment of being you now. Acknowledging and finding the empathy and love for those old pieces is important- they cannot be swept under the rug or tucked away, they need to be there as an awareness but not as part of your current consciousness. When you are still fighting internally with those old habits, actions, strategies, you give them back their power over you. If you can look at them from a space of objectivity- as if reading them in a book- they no longer hold sway and you are free to simply BE in this space that is you NOW.

Developing a routine or ritual that helps you to get into the moment and to be present helps you to develop a deeper sense of personal worth.  When you carve out the time in your day to just support your connection to your inner voice, you energetically show the Universe and yourself that you know you are worth it. That you are in tune with the expansive, limitless love and creativity that is you and is this amazing Universe we live within.

One of the most important tools to connect with yourself is to develop a meditation practice.  There are many forms of meditation available to you, to help you find that space of stillness and being inside. From silent meditation to moving meditations to guided meditations, there are many ways to develop a practice that speaks to your heart and spirit. Take time to allow yourself to explore the different practices and what suits you.

Creating and maintaining my own daily ritual has been an amazing journey.  It is one that I have started, fallen off the wagon and restarted many times.  The thing is, when I am actively doing a ritual for myself daily I feel amazing and expressive and able to connect deeper with my gifts.  Life can sometimes knock us off track, and that is okay. If I allowed myself to remain in a place of guilt or disappointment in myself for falling off- I am only continuing the self-sabotage cycle. I hold my past hiccups in a space of empathy and gratitude because it has brought me here today and I may not have the same capacity to take the time for myself.

When I first started developing a personal ritual for the day- it was maybe 5 minutes in the morning because that’s all I felt I could give myself. Over time this has evolved into creating a space where I have dedicated an hour to an hour and a half in the morning before I start my day.  I spend 45-60 minutes in meditation followed by an energetic cleansing and an oracle card for the day or a short tarot spread to check in with the energies around me.  I have been doing this for several weeks now, and it has inspired me to step back into my creativity- into my writing and being here in the space sharing with you now.

It doesn’t matter how long you dedicate time to yourself- all that matters is that you start even with 5 minutes of doing something to help you ground-centre and be in the moment before going out into the world.

Ancestral Healing

I love being an Ohana Generational Healing practitioner- I think that work is so important and see so many amazing shifts in clients who have decided to take the plunge and dive into healing through the generations and DNA.  Generational and Ancestral Healing is something that is coming into the forefront of consciousness, there are more books, healing tools and meditations coming out to support this healing process and it is amazing!

There is so much that we carry energetically that comes from the stories, triumphs, drama’s and trauma’s that become infused into the DNA.  As we go through the healing process, I think it is important to talk about and discuss how much good comes from the DNA and Generational energies.  When we are too focused on the healing, we can forget to stand in awareness of the blessings, strengths, talents and wisdom passed on from earlier generations.  Just as negative events create an energetic ripple, so to do the positive attributes become infused with the DNA.

Take time to be in gratitude of the gifts, blessings and strengths that come from your generational line and ancestral DNA. Spend time reflecting on these gifts and how they have shown up in your life. What natural talents, strength and innate wisdom do you hold?

Want to learn more about Ohana Generational Healing? Contact me about booking your session- available in person at Purple Door in Cambridge, ON or by distance- contact me at or check out the Ohana Generational Healing Website for information on practitioners and classes! 


Life flows in a spiral- we shift through what we can now and as we go and expand ourselves those life lessons come back around so that we can heal them more deeply.

This blog has seen some ups and downs in activity, alot of that due to my own spiral and the processes I have been going through.  One of the biggest things I needed to work through and heal was aligning with my Truest Voice and sharing it.  I loved writing from a young age, anything written was meant to be read and from there I began to write journals, little notes and poems.  As life grew and responsibility came more and more into my life, writing just seemed to fall away. I had begun to believe in a story of not being good enough, not being worthy and stopped allowing myself the time and space to let my heart truly shine and share it with the world.  One of my most important gifts is my ability to write, to share idea’s in the written word.

I have been doing a lot of work to come back into alignment with my heart and my voice and am excited to restart this journey. I considered starting all over again but I really felt that having my whole journey here- the stops and the starts that are part of my path were important to keep.

I look forward to being part of this beautiful journey of life with you!