Forging Forward Friday: Child Like Self Exercises

Connecting to your Child Like Self

You will need:

  • Your old picture albums
  • A wooden frame
  • Paint
  • Craft supplies- glitter, magazine cut outs, etc

Go through photo albums and find a favourite childhood photo. Think back and remember what was going on when the picture was taken, how you felt at that moment. Feel yourself as that child again. Take your time and savour the feeling.

With that feeling in mind decorate your picture frame- remember there is not right or wrong way to do this! When you are done place the photo of yourself inside and place the frame and photo in a place you will see each day.  Start by saying Good Morning and Good Night, then begin to affirm yourself with affirmations like “ I love you” “ You are beautiful” etc. As you speak more and more with your child self you will begin to feel the connection and feel that part of you with you at all times

Deepening the Connection-Child Self Wisdom

You will need:

  • Pen
  • Paper

Draw the line down the centre of the paper. With your right hand (your adult self) ask your child self a question on the right side of the paper. With your left hand write your response on the left hand side. Try not to think to hard, just allow the answers to flow!  If you are having difficulty with getting a flow , try and start by writing a letter to your child-like self and then with your left hand write a letter back-free flow and automatic writing

Thriving Thursday: Meditation

There are many benefits to meditation that include a holistic benefit over the mind, body and spirit. Meditation helps to bring together the aspects of self to achieve an overall sense of wellbeing.

When a person begins to meditate they can see tangible benefits.

Physical Benefits of Meditation:

  • Physical relaxation
  • Decreased muscle tension
  • Reduction in anxiety attacks
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Increased immune system
  • Increased energy
  • Relaxed nervous system
  • Increased Serotonin levels
  • Decreased Pain/Inflammation

Psychological/Mental Benefits of Meditation:

  • Increased Self Confidence
  • Benefits mood and behaviour
  • Decrease in fearful thoughts and feelings
  • Increased memory and ability to learn
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased listening skills and empathy
  • Increased patience
  • Facilitates healing and integration of past hurts/trauma
  • Calms the mind/increased clarity of thought
  • Increased sense of peace, happiness and contentment
  • Reduced anxiety/depression
  • Subdues the Ego mind

Spiritual Benefits

  • Helps facilitate spiritual development
  • Develop Higher Mind- creativity, intuition, wisdom
  • Develop Higher Heart- Compassion, courage, joy, peace
  • Develop Higher Consciousness- Will, Resilience, Presence
  • Increases presence and purifies awareness
  • Develops a deeper sense of Self
  • Deeper understanding of reality

Benefits of meditation can only be truly felt after consistent practice over time.  How often one meditates depends on them but it is necessary to choose a set practice whether it is daily, bi-daily, or a weekly practice.

Types of Meditation:

Mindful Meditation:

Mindful meditation is based on Buddhist teachings. It combines the benefits of the relaxation of meditation and the mind-set of being fully present to empower the self management of anxiety and stress. Mindfulness takes time and practice- it is not a quick fix.

Compassion Mediation: A sub category of mindful meditation and also based on Buddhist practice.  Compassion meditation is when you allow yourself to go into a state of complete relaxation and fully contemplate love, kindness and sending good thoughts/prayers to others.

Concentration Meditation:

CM is a meditation where you find a single focus to direct your attention for a sustained period of time without becoming distracted. This form of meditation helps to develop mental stability and clarity rather than focusing on deep relaxation, but it can have a benefit of physical relaxation.

There are many types of CM including Zazen, Vipassana and Tratak. There are two types of concentration objects- internal or external objects. It is good to start with an external object and work your way to an internal focus object.

An internal object for concentration is more difficult because you need to be able to visualize the object.

Examples of Inner Concentration Objects:

  • A Sacred Symbol
  • Mandala
  • A Shape- star, circle, square
  • A Colour
  • A Phrase ie) “Ohm” “ Ah”
  • A nature object – leaf, animal, plant
  • Mental Quality- Love/Joy/Compassion (most difficult)

Examples of Outer Concentration Objects:

  • Candle Flame
  • Mandala
  • Picture
  • Symbol
  • Inspirational Word or Phrase
  • Crystal

Transcendental Meditation:

TM is a form a meditation where one attains inner peace by transcending thought to reach a different state of restful but alert consciousness. It is essentially the art of not thinking.

When the subconscious state is reached a feeling of complete peace and bliss is achieved. When the mind is not thinking at all, the awareness of being a soul within a body is achieved and helps to decrease stress and anxiety.

The difference of TM and Mindful Meditation is the absence of thought that the meditator is striving to attain rather than an acceptance of what is arising.  This is about giving the mind a complete rest and coming into deep physical relaxation.

TM practices are based on the meditation practice of Maharishi Mahesh a Yogi who founded an international organization for TM. TM has thousands of teaching centres internationally and have brought the practice to many institutions ie) the military, universities and celebrities.

Achieving TM: reaching this state on consciousness can seem impossible. Many people feel that if they stop thinking, they are no longer existing. Teachers of TM believe the opposite and when you get out of your mind you are able to access the true consciousness within- become one with the soul.

Witchy Wednesdays: Spirit Allies and Helpers

Many Witches call for assistance from Spirit Allies during their workings. Magick and Witchcraft are not a religion but a way of living and creating ritual to manifest, this means that each Witch can get creative with who they wish to work with or what type of Spirits they wish to bring in…if any at all.  Some will call upon Saints and Angels to assist in their workings like in Pow-Wow or Bruchari Magick, some call on Ancestral spirits, others rely on the natural spirits of the elements, the Fae beings, Dragons and some will call on Deities from different pagan pantheons.  The beauty in Magick is that it becomes your own system and you will find yourself feeling intuitively who you wish to work with in your ritual.

If you ever unsure of which spirits you want to work with, you can always look to nature spirits.

All natural things have a Spirit that you can tap into.  Flowers, Trees, Rocks, Minerals. Working with Natural Magick you can call on these spirits to come in and aid in your workings.

If you need Lavender for calming or clearing but don’t have any on hand or can’t get any at the time of need you can call on the Essence of Lavender to be part of your working.  To connect with a plant Spirit you will need to relax, breathe deeply for several breaths then gaze at an image of the plant or visualize it in your minds eye.  Think if the properties of the plant- focusing on the aspects of it you wish to bring in most. Invite/Ask the Spirit of the plant to be with you- you can ask it to become one with your Energy for as long as you need it or to be part of the Magick or Ritual you are doing. When you have no more need of it, ask it to be released back into the Aether with thanks.

Elemental Spirit Allies:

Elemental Spirits are beings who are fully aligned with a specific Element. Their job is to complete tasks that support that element and to support the Magick of nature. Although they are aligned with Natural Elements and work within them on this plane, they live in spirit because they are of the Aether (Spirit).

Earth- Gnomes act as the Earth Spirit Allies, they manifest as very short and stocky human-like form when they are seen by humans. Gnomes work with the Earth and can harness the raw energy of the creation womb of the Earth.  Gnomes help to manifest prosperity and material need.

Air- Slyphs act as the Air Spirit Allies. Slyphs are seen as the traditional Light Fae beings seen in childrens stories but are not quite Fae beings- they are however related. Slyphs help to bring the Light around us and feed our inspiration and aid in Magick to boost intuition and workings for going within to delve into the Inner Mysteries.

Fire- Salamanders act as the Fire Spirit Allies. Salamanders often manifest in the form of the lizard from which their name comes. They can be found in fireplaces, woodburning stoves, fire pits because they are one with the flames that reside within. They do not always need to be in fire but are drawn to it, if you encounter one it is often felt as a sudden flash of heat around you. Salamanders help you to find your passion, personal power and sexuality.

Water- Undines act as the Water Spirit Allies. They sometimes take the form of mermaids or are seen a glittering blur. Undines govern over the energies of the emotions- chemistry and magnetism. They help to create emotional connections, nourish psychic ability, attract love.

Elemental Spirits are always present when working magick but they are always available to you at any point. As you develop a relationship with them it will become easier to call them to you. 

To align with Elemental Spirits hold a symbol of that element and call the energy to you. Take a moment to take 3 deep breaths and focus on the essence of the element, ask the Spirit of the element to come to you and join with your energies or for your working.

The Watch Towers: The Watch Towers are the Guardians and Gateways to the Elemental Plane. Through invoking them you open the doors to the entire elemental realm to aid in your working.  When you call in the watch towers, you want to begin by facing the East- South, West, North and then returning to the East.

Self Care Sunday: Letting it Go

One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself is the permission and the space to let go. Let go of your attachment to the way things are supposed to, let go of the idea of how you “should” be and allow yourself to just be in this moment and acknowledge the journey that you are on.

This is all easier said than done but there are many tools and practices you can add to your day that will help including:

Step Away: Sometimes the best way to help achieve non-attachment to a situation is to take a step back. Change the scenery, get a new perspective on things. When you are too close to a situation it is difficult to find objectivity.

Stop Comparing: When you are feeling charged in a situation it becomes easy to fall into a mindset of comparing yourself to others. This creates a spiral of deeper attachment to what is going on in your life because you are constantly making the comparison from that situation to others.  Take a break from social media and anyone who causes you to create comparisons that keep you locked into thinking about the situation or person.

Listen to your body: When you are feeling yourself too much in your mind, take a breathe and look to your body.  Take time to ask your body what it wants- use your body like a pendulum, anything that is right for you- you will lean into, anything that is not for you, you will lean away from. You can use this to help you determine items in your home that no longer align with your heart so you can begin to release the physical items. As you release physical items, your energies will become lighter.

Downsize: Clear clutter from your schedule, your home and your mind will follow. 

Don’t Beat Yourself Up: Allow yourself the space to make mistakes. It is okay to have days where your attachment mindset or Ego will step in full force and you wont see it right away. That is okay, you have to give yourself permission to make mistakes and not hold onto them.

Daily Affirmations:  It takes 40 days to create a shift in the mind.  You can use affirmations to help you shift your mindset but you need to do them daily for the full period before they will stick permanently.

Example Intentions:

I release that which is not mine

I release limiting beliefs

I release fears and doubts

I release attachment to outcome

I release relationships that do not serve my higher good

I release externalized desire

I release all that is no longer in alignment with my highest good.

Fire Ceremony: Write down what you need to release and in a safe space burn the paper. Watch it as it burns away, allowing the energy to shift as it burns and the smoke wisps it away.  This is super powerful on the full moon but can be done anytime you need. Can’t burn? Bury the paper and allow the earth to take it in.

Thriving Thursday: Empathic Overwhelm

Empaths are highly sensitive and feel the emotions of others. They have a powerful innate intuition and notice things that other don’t. Empaths need to be cautious in how they interact with others and need to ensure they are setting firm boundaries and energetically recharging regularly. Empaths find it difficult to deal with large crowds, loud noises, fake conversations/relationships ( and they always know! ), arguing and fighting.

Because empaths are so in tune with their environment, they can come to a point of overwhelm quicker than most. They need to watch out for these signs:

  1. Difficulty sleeping
  2. Mind racing/monkey mind but fatigued body
  3. difficulty maintaining a daily routine/schedule
  4. Difficulty being on time
  5. Feeling like you are having a string of bad luck or feeling “cursed”
  6. Feeling stuck in your life
  7. Self doubt that causes paralysis from making decisions
  8. “Fuzzy” thinking
  9. Feel like you are in a chronic loop with issue’s
  10. The need for more and more alone time to feel calm

If you are an empath and feeling any of these symptoms you can do these to recharge your energies:

  1. Change your wake up routine so that you get up earlier than others in your home. Because empaths are tuned to others energies and frequencies being awake for some time before others can help you feel more centered.
  2. Declutter your space. Everything holds energy- animate and inanimate- so when you have things in your space that do not support your purposes or give you a sense of joy then it can actually weigh you down.
  3. Water. Ensure that you keep your physical body hydrated, to boost this affect put intentions into your water. Write inspirational messages on paper and tap them to your water jug. This will infuse the positive vibrations of the words into the water you are drinking.
  4. Unplug. Taking time out of your day to completely unplug, even if it is just an hour a day where you are away from your phone/computer/tv. The pause from technology will help you to regroup your energies.
  5. Meditate. Create time for meditation in your day so that you can find your calm, connect with your heart and strengthen your core energy.
  6. Healing Treatments. Book regular healing sessions with practitioners that you feel comfortable with. Sessions like Reiki, Reflexology, Relaxational massage will be beneficial.
  7. Yoga/Qi Gong/Tai Chi. Body movement practices that help you connect with your body and create body awareness will help you feel grounded and clear.

Witchy Wednesday: Magick and the Days of the Week

Each day holds its own magick and can be used to boost your personal workings when you are able to plan ahead. Sometimes magick needs to be done on the spot due to circumstances but if you can tap into the natural cycle of the week, month and year it can help you to boost your magickal workings. Magickal Days:

Monday: Ruled by the Moon this day is optimal for psychic endeavours, divination, intuition, creativity/creative idea’s, healing, Divine messages.

Tuesday: Ruled by Mars this day is optimal for protection, self-esteem work, confidence, strengthening the mind and body.

Wednesday: Ruled by mercury this day is optimal for travel planning, career planning, planning education, intellectual pursuits., communication

Thursday: Ruled by Jupiter this day is optimal for finances, prosperity, business/entrepreneur concerns, spirituality, justice.

Friday: Ruled by Venus this day is optimal for relationships, love, reconciliation, physical makeovers, beautifying your space

Saturday: Ruled by Saturn this day is optimal for home protection, releasing bad habits, ending old relationships, planning for the future, recommitting to personal goals.

Sunday: Ruled by the Sun this day is optimal for healing work, divine intervention, insights into problems, prosperity.

Witchy Wednesday: Imbolc

As we head towards the end of January, the Wheel of the year turns towards the celebration of Imbolc.

Imbolc is the celebration of the returning of the Light and Sun, we are moving away from the dark hibernation of Winter.

Imbolc is a reminder that Spring/the Light will come and when it does we will begin planting the seeds for our future. It is the last call to clear away the old patterns, thoughts, and things that are just taking up space, it is time to cleanse and purify and dive into the work that we have been moving towards since the beginning of Winter.

Imbolc Associations:

Colours- Red, White

Herbs/Incense- Rosemary, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Basil, Jasmine

Crystals- Garnet, Carnelian, Smokey Quartz, Desert Rose

Foods- Sprouts, Eggs, Seeds, Nuts, Sweet Breads

Deities- Brigid, Artemis, Diana, Horned God, Pan, Thor

Decorations- Butterflies, Bees, Baskets, Eggs, Flowers, Lambs

Ways to Celebrate:

Spring Clean Your Home

Cleanse and Purify your Space

Re-Vamp your Sacred Space

Light a Candle at Dawn to Greet the Sun

Place candles in every window and light them to honour the Light of Spring returning

Bake bread

Make dream sachets

Create a Goal List or Vision Board

Plan your Garden

Have fun!